Muscle Balancing Therapy

Muscle Balancing Therapy (MBT)

MBT is a new adjustment technique that focuses on muscle relaxation to release stored tension within soft tissues. The technique utilizes specific protocols to detect spinal joint dysfunction. Subtle stimulations applied on specific points to release stored tension. Massage will then be applied to activate self-realignment of the bones. Clients will also be advised to adjust their postures, make lifestyles changes with regular stretching exercises to secure structural balance.

Characteristics of MBT:

  • Relax muscles to improve posture;
  • Identify areas of muscle irritation and points of correction using leg length changes;
  • Instant improvement;
  • Safe and non invasive;
  • Only subtle stimulation applied to reflex points causing no pain;
  • Promote structural balance to improve energy flow;
  • Activate client’s self-realignment of vertebrae;
  • Emphasize structural, emotional and nutritional balance;
  • Encourage clients to manage their own health.